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whatsapp anonymous or emergency icon" src="/assets/plugin-icons/anonymous-emergency.png">
Anonymous or emergency

Front end sender where a user can pick anonymous or emergency.

whatsapp receive send messages icon
Send and receive messages & photos

You can send and receive messages.

whatsapp word censoring feature icon
Word censoring feature included

Stop users sending offensive messages by adding a word filter!

whatsapp sending limit per day icon
Limit sending to 1 per day

To many messages getting sent? Limit each user to 1 message / day

whatsapp plugin with widget and shortcode icon
Widget & shortcode ready

Drop the widget or place the shortcode anywhere!

whatsapp signature in messages icon
Include signatures on all messages

Include a personal message with every message that is sent!

Limit to a single or multiple countries

Ya can limit the use to one or several countries!

whatsapp message front end counter icon
Front-end message counter

Show or hide a counter of how many messages have been sent!

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Installation instructions

1 Unzip the content and upload the plugin folder to your Wordpress website's plugin directory.

2 Navagate to your plugin inside the admin panel and activate the plugin by hand

3 Go to the plugins settings, activate the plugin inserting the key you received and insert your WhatsApp account's credentials, aditionally configure the plugin to your liking.

4 Go to any page and place the the shortcode \"[whatsapp_anonymous_sender]\" anywhere where you want the form to appear!

whatsapp anonymous sender wordpress plugin buy

WhatsApp anonymous sender

Have your own copy for only $29 / domain

The plugin will arrive instantly after the payment has been completed and you have arrived back to this page!

More cool features!

Turn message logging on or off

Tested on the last version of Wordpress!

You get to choose what username is displayed to the receiver

Anonymous or Emergency?

If a user sends a message with the option 'anonymous', the receiver will never know who it was from, although the 'emergency' option allows the users to put in they're name so the receiver is able to identify who it is from!

Have a look at the screenshots below!

whatsapp anonymous sender wp plugin sreenshot 1 whatsapp anonymous sender wp plugin sreenshot 2 whatsapp anonymous sender wp plugin sreenshot 3 whatsapp anonymous sender wp plugin sreenshot 4